The 70th anniversary the Battle of Normandy – 14h

8 hours excursion timeVisit D-Day Beaches in Normandy.”


Visit deprived of landing beaches since Paris. Remind itself that on the beaches of Normandy it played one of the biggest pages of the world history, on June 6th: 1944-2014

Visit D day beaches in normandy from Paris - Shuttle

Aboard one of our vehicles, you will travel comfortably and in complete safety. You will appreciate the discretion and the professionalism of our drivers during this route since Paris towards landing beaches in Normandy.

From June 5th to August 21st 2014, Normandy will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy with due splendor and emotion. This year’s anniversary will be a time of national and international contemplation and communion.

The Discover D-Day Package, combining a visit to the world famous Caen Peace Memorial Museum, including lunch, and a hair re-arranging escapade with the D-Day Academy period” museum on wheels” during the after-noon.

Program of 1 er in May on August 30th, 2014
Departure of bets at about 7:00 am of the morning Return planned in bets 9:00 pm


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Excursion to Day Beaches in Normandy –  (+ 70 euros per hour additional)


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09.30 Visit “LE MEMORIAL” Museum, including preset lunch
14.00 Embark onboard 1944 D-Day Academy vintage military trucks with an historian, documents and on board period radios and equipment to: Pegasus-Bridge or the Juno-beach area
15.30 History workshops and “hands on” experiences connected to the five senses:–To taste: 1944 food still manufactured to-day by the same companies– To smell: wartime artifacts and the delicate 40’s perfumes from Paris.– To see: and test military optics of the time and glance at the daily press and fashion magazines of 1944.– To hear: period voices and songs and music through 1944 radios and tannoys .– To touch: emblematic D-Day objects under expert guidance. Handle German and Allied personal equipment, weapons, artillery, armour and a Spitfire fighter aircraft.
16.30 Mount armored fighting vehicles for a hair re-arranging escapade over rough terrain on the Canadian battlefield of Carpiquet
17.00 1944 style drinks and snacks.
17.30 Return to Caen Mémorial Museum in period vehicles to conclude an unforgettable 1944 experience.