How does it work ?

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Reservation on how does it work

1. Reservation request:

According to your situation, two reservations’ methods are proposed:

– 12 hours minimum before your departure: fill in the following form.
– One hour minimum before your departure: call +33 972 427 909.

2. We confirm your reservation:

You’ll receive an email to confirm your reservation; you’ll have to show the chauffeur this email the day you will travel with us. In case of emergency, a confirmation’s text message will be sent.

The meeting place will be indicated on this booking confirmation. You can also choose a personal welcoming for 10€ , or VIP welcoming for 50 €.

3. Modify your reservation:

You can call us to modify your reservation without any payment penalty 12 hours before your departures.

4. Details about your reservation:

You can fill in the following firm to look up the details of your reservation: On the reservation page of the website, by email 24H/24 or by telephone +33 972 427 909, from Monday to Saturday between 9AM to 9PM and on Sunday from between 11AM to 5PM.We will confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

If you do not receive your confirmation, it means we do not receive any demand for your reservation.

The day before your transfer, we confirm you by phone (call or text message) or email, your chauffeur’s contact details.

Flight lateness emergency.

 Plane is delayed, call a private driverYour plane arrival time.

Indicate your plane’s estimate arrival time at the airport. As soon as you get back your luggage, contact our reservation station +33 972 427 909 to activate your transfer. get used to it, you can still count on your reservation. This is available 24 hours further the initial hour. Our reservation station will wait for your call. My transfer.

As soon as the chauffeur arrives, he calls you so you won’t wait for him outside.
If you arrived in a train station or an airport, switch on your phone when you arrive so that he could call you and indicate the exact meeting place (please be reachable on the phone number you gave us when you reserved).



If you arrived in a train station or an airport and you do not have any mobile phone, the chauffeur can wait for you at the arrivals place with a sign with your name on it (for a 10€ extra).

My payment.

You pay by CB when you have the booking confirmation. Unless exceptional feat, your chauffeur can collect the payment with a 20% extra. If you need a bill, your chauffeur can give you one on request. Or you can receive one by email.

PS. For a reservation 90 days before your departure, a down payment will be asked to guarantee the transfer. This down payment isn’t refundable.