1-Service’s object. is a website and commercial name for We connect company, registered at Nanterre’s RCS, under 53112242200011 number. It’s home office is 3 villa Joséphine 92120 Montrouge (hereinafter “” or “le transporteur”), transport license’s n°EVTC92120022 holder. principal services are based on the private transfer and trip between Paris and its suburbs, Province, airports and Paris’ stations.
As part of its activity, finalized a partnership agreement with professional of private passengers’ cars with chauffeur.

These services are proposed to physical people and moral people legally known, on clients or employee account (hereinafter “le(s) Client(s)”).

Herein general sales conditions (hereinafter “le Contrat”) aim are to define the methods and services proposed by It is available on our website and on request to the transporter, his contact details are in the contract.

The transporter reserves the right to change the general sales conditions’ terms anytime. The practicable conditions will be the one in effect on the booking confirmation’s day.
The client has to get acquainted with these general conditions before to reserve. While he reserves, he admits being aware of the general and specific conditions, and he accepts these terms.
The leaflets or brochures given by the transporter or its partners only have an indicative validity.


2- Reservation forms.
2.1 – Reservation process.


The clients can reserve on the Internet, or by phone.

A transport service really must require a reservation. The transporter is subjected to the Law concerning transport, on February the 11th 1986 – Article 5, stipulating that the transporter has to be holder of a detailed list clearly mentioning the names and arrivals places of the clients transported.
The reservation can be done, on the Internet or by phone, two hours before the transfer hours. They are automatically confirmed by mail. The clients have to fill in the whole form properly and check the truthfulness of the information, for his reservation to be taking into account.

As an exception, reservation can be done one hour before the transfer departure, subject to availability for a last minute reservation.

The clients will receive a reminder text message 30 minutes before the transport’s carrying. To minimize the waiting time, an effective picking hour will be point out.

The difference between the chosen transfer’s time and the picking-up real time is 0 to 15 minutes.


2.2 – Restrictions concerning reservations.


The transport service is valid only if the conditions and restrictions hereinafter are respected: reservations from Monday to Saturday 9AM to 7PM by phone, 24/24 on the website.


2.3 – Reservations’ modification, cancelation and compensations.


The clients can change his reservation online or by phone, no extra costs, with 6 hours minimum before the transfer. The modifications are done subjected to availability. If the other option weren’t suitable for the client, he would either keep the original reservation or cancel in accordance with the following conditions.
The clients can cancel his reservation online or by phone with 6 hours minimum before the transfer. The conditions are:
-12hours minimum before the transfer : the price will be paid back to the client.
-Between 6 and 12 hours before the departure, a 30% compensation on the base fee will be saved by

-Less than 6 hours before the transfer: no repayment will be possible.
-If the client doesn’t present himself on time, it will be considered as a cancelation and no repayment will be possible.


3 – Departures and arrivals proceedings.
3.1 – Departures.


The client has to respect the departures process mentioned on the booking confirmation. It means to be on time and to wait at the meeting place agreed. For parking authorization issues (restricted parking), the transporter won’t be able to stay more than three minutes parked at the meeting place. He also has timing obligation for the transfer.

In case of lateness, the client has to warn the reservation station minimum 15 minutes before the departure hours, the transporter will do his best to be convenient for the client.
However, if this lateness isn’t suitable with the transporter schedule, the transfer impracticable will be the client responsibility and considered as a cancelation less than 6 hours before departures.
Moreover, the client has to keep the text message sent 30 minutes before departures during his transfer.

If the client do not respect the proceedings, on his own, and so prevent the transport carrying in the foretold conditions, the reservation will be considered as canceled less than 6 hours before departures.

In the event of the transporter arrived more than 10 minutes late to pick-up the client according to the original hourly agreed, the transporter will warn the client by phone minimum 15 minutes before. In case of pick-up charge 15minutes after the original hours, the transfer will be 50% charged.

The journey time is rough. It can be changed because of accidents, strikes or roadwork that can slow down the traffic. It is the client’s responsibility to leave a margin to guarantee a flight, a train, a meeting, a rendezvous, etc. The transporter isn’t responsible for a client’s missing flight, train, meeting, rendezvous.

3.2 – Arrivals.


The transporter only is authorized to decide the service road’s order. He will established the most coherent route to drop off the client.


4 – Tariff conditions.

The fares are available on website ( and leaflet. The prices are expressed in €uros including tax. These prices can change anytime; the practicable fares will be the one in effect on the booking confirmation’s day.


4.1 – Done services’ payment.


The client pays an all-including tax price.
For the general public:

The whole service’s payment will be paid as soon as you ask for the reservation. The client will pay via the reservation platform by Credit Card.
The payment by Credit Card is guaranteed by our partner, known for the trustworthiness of its transactions online, transactions that are encrypted according to the SDD protocol.

The sum is directly debited on your Credit Card after a data control on this one and reception of the debit’s authorization from the Credit Card’s bank’s transmitter.


In accordance with the Article L.132.2 of the “Code Monétaire et Financier”, the payment’s commitment via a Credit Card is definitive. When the client reports his Credit Card information, he also allows to debit the fare of the service. In case of repayment, the fare will be credited on the account that had been debited for the reservation, in a 48 hours period.


For partners under contract:
The services are invoiced monthly (at the end of the month).


5 – Security aboard.


The client commits to adopt, aboard, a respectful behavior towards to the common sense and French rules and Law applicable. These rules relate to the wearing of the seat belt, the smoking ban, alcohol consumption ban, the prohibition of transporting inflammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic products. reserves the right to refuse the vehicle’s access and/or to drop off any client that wouldn’t obey these rules or put in jeopardy the transporter’s or third party’s life. In this condition, the client couldn’t claim any repayment or compensation of any kind.


6 – Responsibilities.

6.1 –’s responsibility.

-The vehicles at the disposal of the clients comply with the French technical norms imposed by the French regulations applicable.

-The drivers must respect the Highway Code’s rules, including those about parking, speed limit and security of passengers and vehicles around.

-The transporter disclaims all responsibility for the delay due to a force majeure case or due to the client. These events don’t give rise to any compensation.

-To be taking into account, the client’s complaint must reach the transporters, in a two months period from the transfer’s date, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the transporter’s home office. His contact details appear on Article 10.’s responsibility is limited to find and reserve a vehicle via our colleagues. does its best to find a matching vehicle according to the client’s wishes., function as middleman isn’t responsible for any damages or injuries, the fares are our partners’ liability. It won’t be responsible of the non-execution of a transfer inasmuch as this non-execution is due to an out of our control’s hitch.


6.2 – Client’s responsibility.

-The client must be on time, as agreed.

-The client isn’t allowed to change the intended route.
-The client commits to adopt, aboard, a respectful behavior towards to the common sense and French rules and Law applicable, as it is mentioned in Article 5.

-Any damages caused by the client will be on his charge. The sum will match with the necessary total to fix it.

-The client is responsible for his belongings, and has to look after theirs. He has to make sure he didn’t forget anything on the vehicle.


7 – Miscellaneous.

7.1 – Disabled people’s pick-up charges.


In order to guarantee the best comfort and security’s conditions for the disabled travelers, they must notify the reservation station of their situation at least 48 hours before the departure.


7.2 – Luggage.


The client is allowed to have one luggage and one hand baggage. Every supplementary luggage must be mentioned during the reservation. To protect from clients security, the luggage must be put into the provided places.

The client is responsible for his belongings. Apart from the transporter’s fault, he cannot be responsible for the loss, theft or damages during the loading, the transfer and the unloading of the client belongings. Except if these events are attributable to him.

Any found object in the vehicle will be dropped off at’s home office, or in the closest found object’s service, the latter can choose. The client can come pick it in a month period after his transfer’s date.


7.3 – Animals.

Animals are prohibited in our vehicles.


7.4 – Insurance.


The transporter subscribed a professional public-liability-insurance and an insurance policy to cover the damages caused to a passenger or a third party. However, it doesn’t cover the client’s luggage, belongings left aboard (loss, theft, damages…)


7.5 – Vehicles availability.

Sometimes, the transporter reserves the right to provide the client with a substitution vehicle likely not to have our company logo.


8 – Personal data.

In accordance with the informatics and freedom Law from January the 6th 1978, modified on August the 6th 2004, the client has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data. He could ask for it by sending a mail to the transporter, his contact details appear on Article 10.


9 – Applicable right and competent jurisdiction.


The French Law is the only applicable Law for these general conditions.

Every dispute concerning the interpretation, the conclusion and accomplishment of these general conditions and transporter’s service will be submitted to the Nanterre’s competent court. This clause also fit in with summary judgments, respondents’ plurality and guarantee appeal.


10 – Contacts.
3 villa Joséphine
92120 Montrouge


Sales conditions acceptance.
The purchase of a transfer or an excursion means the client’s whole acceptance of’s sales conditions, and also’s availabilities without any reserve. corporate’s responsibilities. is responsible for the smooth progress of its obligations concerning the client pick-up charge during his transfer or excursion: round trip home/airport, station/salon/museum, etc. would be exempt from any responsibility if the contract isn’t accomplished or well-accomplished because of a client, an unpredictable and insurmountable fact as a vehicles technical failure, heavy weather conditions, potential traffic jam and accident, a plane or train delay, strike or any other cases of force majeure.

Every compensation that cannot be totally attributable to is limited to its insurance policy.

Client’s responsibility.

The client is responsible for any equipment’s deterioration caused by himself.

The client has to warn for any cancelation or modification on the contract. If, because of an hour modification or delay on his flight, the client’s pick-up charge by changes, the client has to warn 12 hours before the service provision.

Payment conditions.

 The price range of a transfer isn’t a fixed-sum, it depends on the number of people transported, the departure and arrival places. The client has to estimate the price proposed before his departure.
The client can pay cash, except specific agreements. The client pays on the reservation station directly by Credit Card, on the website or by phone before the departure or arrival (Monday to Saturday 9AM-7PM), and exceptionally the client can pay directly the chauffeur for a 20% extra.

The prices mentioned on’s sales documents are guarantee during their expiry date. The bills and cost estimate also.

The tips, the non-included services or any other personal purchases are not included in the final bill.

In case of non-payment on the due date, reserves the right to adjourn the current contract. It will be considered as cancel because of the client, and will apply the clause concerning the cancelation’s cost.


Reservation’s cancelation by


If has to cancel a reserved service, it will warn the client by registered mail or email and pay the client back the money he eventually could have already paid.

Besides, the client will have an equivalent compensation to the penalty he would have paid if he had cancelled the service himself on the same day.

Reservation’s cancelation by the client


No compensation will be asked to the client if he cancels 12 hours before the departure. And will pay the client back the money he eventually could have already paid.

A 30% compensation on the base fee will be save by if the client cancels between 12 and 6 hours before the departure.

No repayment will be possible if the client cancels less than 6hours before departure.

If the client isn’t on time and at the meeting place agreed (because of personal reasons or a flight delay, for example) without warning beforehand by telephone (+33 +33 972 22 78 78/+33 642 34 66 00) or email (, the cancelation charges will ascend 100% of the total price paid. No repayment or compensation will be possible.

Every cancelation must be addressed to by email (with the written confirmation of the reservation station).


In case of complaints or protest of any nature and that couldn’t have been provided on the service date and place, the client would have to send his request by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to (3 villa Joséphine 92120 Montrouge) in eight days more time after the arrival transfer.
Jurisdiction attributed for protests or disputes: Nanterre crown court, the only competent tribunal in these cases.