Travel agency:

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Travel agent and private driver

Gradual commission.

Gradual commission 10%


  • Minimum 10% for commissions.
  • A service you can offer for free to create customer loyalty.
  • A significant extra wage.

The widest offer from basic vehicles to the most luxurious.

The widest offer from basic vehicles to the most luxurious


  • More available vehicles.
  • A trip made to measure for your clients.
  • Partnership with great events in Paris.

A quick and flexible reservation system.

A quick and flexible reservation system


  • A dedicated telephonic platform.
  • Reservations in real time.

A reliable partnership based on travel agency.

Become a member – extra information

  • Once the agreement is approve, you will receive your access password so you will be able to reserve online.
  • The basics commissions granted are: 10% and more.

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Obs.: Those commissions’ levels are basics. You can increase your wage describing yourself as a VIP member. Contact us for more information.
NB.: All commissions are reckon on the date of services and paid monthly (minimum 50€).
This program is dedicated to the travel agencies, which are subjected to the French Law.

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